Set Life is a six-part docuseries that explores the six steps of filmmaking, all the way from development to distribution. It’s viewable on-demand on the DVD Netflix Youtube Platform. Each episode focuses on Ethan shadowing a new industry figure and their project, giving viewers a sense of what it takes to make a movie in 2019. It is hosted by award-winning filmmaker Ethan Paisley. “Set Life is something I wish I could’ve watched when I first started making movies. The goal is to inspire people from all different backgrounds to chase their passion for filmmaking, and hopefully give them insight into what the steps are in getting their first project made,” said Paisley.

“Set Life” stars Ethan Paisley (Point 453), Katie Chang (The Bling Ring), Jessica Morris (Ladies of the Lake), Kash Hovey (Plastic Daydream), and Amy Lyndon (Law & Order: LA). 

Cast and Crew 

Host: Ethan Paisley ( 
Director: Ben Escobar ( 
Editor: Sophia Berlin ( 
Executive Producer: Tiffany Unscripted ( 

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